The Eazy website has been launched by EBL Fintech Services

Customers will get information in safe and simple Oriya language


Bhubaneswar, September 17 (Op) With just one click, customers can get home safely and securely from Loan EBL Fintech Services Pvt Ltd. Debashis Pattanayak, CEO of the company, said that EBL was approved by the start-up department of Odisha and the Government of India, adding that information on customers applying for the loan would be completely safe and confidential, as well as information in English, Hindi and Oriya. On the site, customers can get loans like home loans, personal loans, gold loans, business loans, including credit cards and car loans at their discretion, the State Head of State Bank of India (Securities Department ) Soumya Ranjan Sardar.ICICI Bank General Head (Unsecured Assets) Prayag Samal, HDFC Business Development Head, Yaswant Pal, Indian Bank RACPC Head Anil Pattanayak, EBL Director Anshuman Mohapatra, Nigam Ray, Dilip Behera, Priyadarshi Das and Mr. Kiran were also present on the launching ceremony.

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